Layout your CV the JGB Method

CV's Part 2 - How to layout your CV.

In the second part of our CV feature we look at CV layout - Obviously this will vary from career to career, but there are some general points that we at JGB Global like to see in a CV. Below is an example of a CV for a first line IT support position, It is quite simple and could be expanded on, but, it shows the basics in a clear format. 

1. Name: Get it big and bold. This should be followed by your full contact details, address, phone number and email.

2. Personal profile / Summary: This should be about 4 lines long and clearly put across who you are and why you would be good at the specific job. Remember to always tailor this to the position.

3. Education / Professional Qualifications / Computer Skills: These should always be grouped together, make sure that if you have a degree, you say what you got. The same with any A Levels. (If you don’t people will always assume the worst and they will always find out anyway!) When it comes to computer skills be as specific with relevant skills as possible.

4. Work experience: Break this down as we have done here, if you have been promoted / changed position in a company then treat it as different positions within that company, that way you can break down your duties simply.

5. Personal Interests: Here, we have put some examples of the type of thing that is helpful, anything that shows you as an interesting and productive human being is good, and will give the interviewer an insight into you and a chance to expand on what you have written. Never say travelling.

6. Personal References: Have these available on request, but make sure you have them prepared to hand to an interviewer at every interview you attend.




Download this demo in Word format HERE

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